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Certified Translator with almost 10 years of Professional Experience

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Freelance Translator

  •  Different International Companies
  •  Jan 2018 - Present

Providing translation, transcription, and subtitling services in EnglishArabic language pair for many translations and localization companies in China, United States, UK, and Dubai. These services are not full-time tasks; they depend on the number of projects that companies receive.


  •  Center of Translation- Sana'a University
  •  Jun 2016 - Present

I work as a certified translator/interpreter for the Center of Translation- Sana'a University the top translation office in Yemen working with internal and external clients as CEAR, World Bank, Save Children, GIZ, and other international bodies. I have translated, proofread, and edited texts from Arabic into English and vice versa in a wide range of documents in political, economic, gender, administrative, and technical fields. I have also interpreted for a number of international figures visiting the university, the ministries, and field locations. Sometimes I meet other translators and advise them on linguistic issues that are deemed necessary in translation.
Proactively collaborate with colleagues in the center regarding new technologies, resources, and searching skills needed in handling urgent and big translation tasks.

Senior Translator/Interpreter

  •  Connect Center for Translation Services
  •  Jan 2018 - Present

 Edit and revise terminology accuracy and language appropriateness of translated texts.
 Translate written and verbal communications between English and Arabic.
 Serve as an on-call translator for teleconferences as required.
 Localizing products in the legal and business industry that includes reports, legal contracts, business
contracts, certificates of all kinds, and court-issued documents.
 Proofread and post-edit translations of different documents to ensure their accuracy and
 Provide quality assessments of sensitive translated documents that are highly classified.
 Interpret communications between Arabic-speaking and English-speaking parties as required.
 Interpret for company executives in their meetings with foreign delegates.
 Translate and check translation quality of different websites from Arabic to English.
 Help in guiding and training translation practitioners.
 Assist other translators on translation and editorial issues including technical, terminological, and
accuracy problems.
 Ensure that documents are translated at a high standard of accuracy and consistency to the spirit, style,
and nuances of the original text.

Translator and Interpreter

  •  Jan 2013 - Dec 2017

 Translated written materials from Arabic and English and vice versa.
 Assisted in proofreading, editing, and revising translated materials to accurately reflect target language.
 Transcribe videos from English into Arabic and vice versa.
 Translate & synchronize short videos using Aegisub
 Accompanied senior translators to various meetings, ceremonies, etc., and assisted in performing quality interpretation work.
 Accurately translated and interpreted both legal, economic, scientific, technological terminology and colloquial language.
 Checked translations of technical terms and terminology appropriateness to ensure that they are accurate and remain consistent throughout translated texts.


Master Degree in Arabic English Translation

  •  Jan 2015 - Oct 2018