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Motion Graphics - Video Editor - Graphic Designer - Communication Expert

Proficient in all phases of ICT and digital media production, shooting and editing video and animating using industry software including Adobe Creative Suite. For the last ten years, I have been working in a different organizational background which I have been gaining with different skills and practically responsible Designing Graphics with developing, maintaining, and producing a variety of promotional and educational materials, organizational website, multimedia Graphics, and audio/visual production to support organizational operation and programs needed. For this year I strive for cinematic excellence by using high-quality cinema-style lenses, 4K video resolution, full manual exposure, and precision lighting principles for the best picture and color. Highly skilled in using and troubleshooting computer hardware and software, and able to work fluidly with both Mac and Windows environments. Highly motivated and equipped with practical knowledge of business development and management skills. Have excellent communication skills with record-keeping abilities and competencies in computer applications and statistical software. I am good for evaluating organizational website performance and functionality effective and efficient manner, through facilitating hosting and server management by developing, maintaining, and daily updating the content website.









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Communication and Graphic Design Officer

  •  Sep 2020 - Jan 2021

- Assist the senior management, program, and operation teams to create materials required to help achieve the strategic, program, and operational goals of the organization;
- Assist the management, programs, and operation teams in formalizing their presentation, designing handouts and booklets;
- Assist in storytelling by capturing pictures and creating videos;
- Create event collaterals and communication materials;
- Manage multiple productions and ensure delivery on time and within budget;
- Build and organize content libraries that can be adapted across ANPPCANSOM;
- Pioneer innovative storytelling solution through all mediums (visual, audio, etc);
- Develop audio-video productions as needed;
- Assist in conducting presentations for the office on branding and messaging guidelines;
- Assist in ensuring the staff adhere to ANPPCANSOM branding and communication guidelines in their correspondence


  •  Senior Motion Graphic Designer
  •  Feb 2018 - Dec 2018

- Delivering training programs to students either in a group classroom setting or on a one-to-one basis.
- Adapting bits’ academy curriculum and customize training for the students
- Supporting and coaching students using self-learning packages.
- Evaluating the effectiveness of the training and course outcomes and giving feedback to the Project Manager.
- Marketing and Communication activities of Hargabits website and social media
- Taking responsibility for maintenances of hardware and software used for training purposes and
- recommending repairs and upgrades to the program coordinator where appropriate.
- Keeping up to date with the local ICT and design innovators, the relevant systems software, and online training technology.
- Deliver and facilitate training, coaching, and mentoring that encourages accelerated learning and results in new knowledge and skills applied to the workplace