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Market Research | Competitive Analysis | Youtube SEO

Looking to position your company and product to the right audience or to raise funding? I love helping my clients succeed by conducting thorough market research, competitive analysis and lead generation in different industries across the globe.

I assist clients with clear definitions of target markets and how to engage with them. My approach is to understand their product or service, the pain points it seeks to address, and crafting a strategy to evaluate. There are no ready to apply solutions for developing business plans or preparing for fundraising – every business, value proposition, business model, competitive situation and market trends are combined in a unique manner. We need a structured approach and readiness to break some “common wisdom” in order to design our road to success.

I am ready to help my clients with all the knowledge and experience accumulated in more than eight years working with exceptional clients in B2B and B2C industries. I’m driven by an innate need to see my clients succeed at their passion, and I take ownership of my client’s problems and work diligently to solve them.

Clients I’ve worked with have ranged from entrepreneurs and start-ups to small and medium businesses to enterprise-level corporations and Fortune 500’s, and in a range of industries including Finance, Tech, Software, Blockchain, Banking, Healthcare, Media, Publishing, E-commerce, Food, Beverages, Nutrition, Energy, Education, Oil and Gas, Beauty, Fitness, Tobacco, Transportation, Construction, Real Estate…

Among my clients are Airbnb, Gigzi S.A, EXA Partners, Banyan, NextSeed, Orangetheory Fitness, Frito Lay, FocusMate, Impact Mapper, Core Collective, Sorasuke Inc., Keychain Social, Fit Food Fresh, Poly King Limited, Trochees, Currex, Collova Media, Kugler Maag CIE, ManaRocks, Aspie Power, Veloso, MiroMind, Flatiron Search, PeopleRX, Zeeks Fit Freaks…

Areas of expertise include the following:
• Market Research
• Competitive Analysis
• Market Strategy
• Business Plan
• Demographics and Location Analysis
• Data Analysis
• Defying Target Market
• Business Intelligence
• Market Sizing
• SWOT Analysis
• Financial Modeling
• Financial Forecasting
• Pricing Strategy
• Company Valuations
• Pitch Decks
• Lead Generation
• Prospect Lists
• Advanced Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
• Excel Data Mining
• Crypto and Bounty Campaigns
• Consulting

Why should you hire me?
• Top-Rated by Upwork and received 5-star feedback from every client I’ve worked with
• Reply within a few hours and I am highly responsive
• Present results in a way that makes them understandable and actionable
• Improved different aspects of businesses due to my analytical abilities and dedication
• Extensive experience across different industries
• Meticulous attention to detail, and will complete work to the highest standard every time.
• Verified email lists and zero bounce rate
• I love what I do and care about each and every one of my clients
• I take pride in delivering accurate and great results
• Friendly, communicative, proactive, strategic and dedicated

Please feel free to reach out! If you are ready to get started click “hire now” and we can discuss details, scope, and vision of the project. I’ll get back to you within a few hours.









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