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Nutritionist to help create a model for grain consumption

  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • Project LevelMedium Level

Project detail

We are building a website that will shortlist and estimate the quantities of food grains in the monthly groceries for achieving the health goals of the family. The user of this website would enter a few simple details about his/her family to create a list of cereals, pulses, millets, nuts, and flour along with quantities. This list is intended to be the monthly grocery list that will help in achieving the health goals. We need a nutritionist to create a model/formula to determine the right proportions of food grains in the monthly groceries of a family.

This is not intended to be the diet planner that will define each meal as such, but it is a monthly grocery planner for the entire family. Also, the list of items to recommend is limited to those that have high shelf-life. So perishable items such as dairy, veggies, and fruits cannot be included.

The nutritionist is expected to create the model/formula that is based on citable research/publications from verifiable sources. This model should select the grains from a much wider list of options that are staple to India and outside of India.

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